ratiochem due to its global network of partners is in the position to meet the customers demands successfully during sourcing by evaluation of the best facilities worldwide.

The following diagram illustrates the typical workflow involved in a sourcing project - from initial product specification to final payment.

1. Assess Specs
ratiochem receives and assesses customers item including specs/samples.
2. Sourcing Strategy
ratiochem overseas offices determine best facilities and sourcing strategy.
3. Request Samples
ratiochem invites selected manufacturer(s) to produce free samples of product.
4. Customer Evaluation
Customer evaluates prototype samples and requests applicable modifications.
5. Price Quote
Customer receives price quote.
6. Orders
The Customer orders products from ratiochem.
7. Production Begin
ratiochem delivers purchase order to factory and production begins.
8. Quality Assurance
ratiochem quality assurance personnel review and approve initial product run.
9. Packaging
Manufacturing completed and product packaged for shipment.
10. Product Delivery
ratiochem arranges necessary inspections, paperwork and delivers goods.
11. Final Payment
Customer makes final payment after receipt.